What’s Being Said About Dr. Brown’s Presentations and Consulting



What’s Being Said About Dr. Brown’s Presentations and Consulting

Content, Knowledge and Experience

“Dr. Brown is brilliant in her approach to learning and sharing her knowledge as she takes the audience step by step through the evidence-based research process. The information is clear, easy to follow and accessible. Not only did I learn more in this 2.5 hour seminar than I had in my 3 month epidemiology and statistics course, I thoroughly enjoyed the topic matter and Dr. Brown’s warm and professional personality. Thank you Dr. Brown for this stimulating experience.” —Catherine McConnell RDH, B.D.Sc., Attendee, Journees dentaires internationales du Quebec (JDIQ)

“Loved the information and topic. Very interesting.” —M. Valadao

“Thank you so much Dr. Brown for an excellent and informative program.” —R. Fields

“The most informative webinar I have attended. Thank you.” —D. Heaton

“Dr. Brown, it was a pleasure to have you. All attendee comments were positive. A few of the comments: ‘Very informative. Interesting subject. Clear information. Excellent topic and the speaker was amazing. Should be mandatory course in all schools.’ Thank you for coming!” —Dani Hinrichs, Executive Director; Humboldt Del-Norte Dental Society

“Dr. Brown’s passion and depth of knowledge make the course interesting and engaging. Dr. Brown helped me feel more comfortable identifying meth use and talking to my patients about meth. The patient testimonials were informative and helped provide a context for the course. I now feel that I have a practical approach to treatment and a better understanding of these patients.” —Leslie McGarvey, D.D.S.

“Dr. Brown was an amazing, intelligent, and passionate speaker and I learned a lot listening to her tonight…Her commitment to patient education was very inspiring. She showed that passion plus a well thought out plan can be effective in improving people’s oral health and lives.” —A. Tumanyan, UCLA

“Dr. Brown was an excellent speaker and addressed the subject with clarity and included take home info that could be used in our office immediately.” —Marin County Dental Society, Linda Abrahams, Executive Director, Marin County Dental Society

“It was good to leave with knowledge that I can share with patients and possibly have a positive impact in their lives.” —A. Chamberlain, UCLA

“I thought this was one of the BEST webinars I’ve listened to – it was very informative and interesting.” —L.W.

“Incorporating this information in the initial health history is paramount to opening conversations.” —K.O.

“This was a very interesting and informative webinar, it certainly has opened my eyes on the need to accommodate individuals with substance addictions!” —A.H.

“Dr. Ronni Brown is one of a kind! She is a dentist and researcher working with inmates and has become the ‘go to educator and speaker’ for meth mouth education. Because of her first-hand experience working with ‘meth mouth’ patients, she dove into the books to learn more.  Her work is evidence based and researched and touches on the area of substance abuse and oral health that many dentists don’t understand or even know how to approach with their patients.

Ronni has perfected the art of bringing light and truth to the topic, and teaches dentists how to no longer ignore the signs of substance abuse in their patients and how to effectively treat and repair the devastating effects that drugs have on teeth!  Ronni brings a genuine and authentic essence to a job that sometimes requires her to work with all types of people from all types of backgrounds. She is gentle and considerate and is a recognized expert in the field.”

—Suzette Hibble

Presentation Style

“Dr. Brown is a thoughtful and enthusiastic speaker. Our group of dentists, hygienists, and office staff was so impressed with her Evidence-based Dentistry presentation that we invited her back for her Meth-Mouth presentation and were not disappointed. She intersperses research with patient vignettes to provide a unique and evidence-based presentation that keeps all audience members engaged.” —Jennifer Clemens, DMD, MPH; Dental Director, Capitol Dental Care, Inc.

“Thank you again for your amazing presentation! You are a phenomenal speaker and our team was luck to have you.” —Tanya Clark, Administrative Assistant, Capitol Dental Care, Inc.

“The reviews for your course were outstanding. Your presentation was a success at our annual meeting.” —Amit Desai, DMD, Coordinator Connecticut State Dental Association

“Really enjoyed this course. I learned a lot. Dr. was a great presenter.” —J. Hutchinson

“The speaker was excellent and so well spoken.” —P. Knappenberger

“She did an excellent job presenting.” —J. Parks

“Excellent discussion of the topic, pleasant speaker to listen to, easy to understand and follow.” —C. Maldonado

“Dr. Brown is a great storyteller. I love how she took us through her journey and thought processes of delving into ‘meth mouth’.” —Sun, UCLA

“Dr. Brown did a magnificent job at getting her message across to her audience!” —A. Tam, UCLA

“I appreciate Dr. Brown’s heart and sensitivity to the problem of methamphetamine.” —C. Chan, UCLA

“I was very impressed by Dr. Brown’s enthusiasm in presenting ‘meth mouth’.” —I. Kempe, UCLA

“Presenter spoke clearly, repeated key issues and did not hurry through the material to be presented. It was the best CE online webinar I attended.” —D.F.

“Your webinar on “meth mouth” was excellent! It was very informative and interesting and you are so pleasant to listen to!” —Dr. Renee Rubenstein, Vice-President of the Wallingford-Meriden-Chesire Dental Society

ronni brown speaking on meth mouthronni brown speaking on meth mouthronni brown speaking on meth mouthronni brown speaking on meth mouth
Ronni Brown speaking on meth mouth

“Dr. Brown, thank you for presenting to our members! I heard such great comments about your topic and how relational you were as a speaker! I know how much ‘prep’ goes into a lecture and we are grateful for all your effort.”

—Lee Adishian, RDH, Executive Director
San Gabriel Valley Dental Society


“I would like to personally thank you for your very informative presentation on ‘Meth Mouth: A State of Decay’ on Saturday, July 18, 2020. I have received many favorable remarks about your presentation, and the style in which you delivered the information (evaluation attached). The attendees really enjoyed the content, professionalism, and your in depth knowledge of the subject matter. The webinar was very successful, and I recognize the significant part you played in helping to achieve this goal. I am grateful to you for sharing your experience, expertise, and time. It was an absolute pleasure working with you, and I hope that we get the same opportunity in the near future. Thank you again for providing an informative and educational experience for all attendees!” —Kimberly LaRocca, RDH, Programming Manager; Continuing Dental Education, University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

“Just want to so thanks for the presentation last night in Salem. Thank you for being an individual who is working to make the world the place we all want it to be, instead of letting it be what it is.” —Athena Bettger, DMD, MPH

“I was on my toes! She did a really good job and I enjoyed the class very much.” —P. Hguyen

“Kept my interest the whole presentation. Thank you.” —J. Navarro

“No one left the room and her lecture was very good. It was very well done and you can see how passionate she is about the subject. Overall a good speaker and subject matter.” —Alameda County Dental Society

“From our first email to the actual event, you have been so delightful to work with! You were quick to respond which helped me to feel confident that all details for the program were in place and easy to execute! Your program was engaging for the attendees (all 250 of them)! Your expertise for this topic was clear, concise and pertinent for all members of the dental team from dentists, hygienists, dental assistants to the front office. The feedback from attendees supports this! Everyone enjoyed the presentation!!” —Barb Glader, Coordinator Great River Study Club, Heartland Hygiene Study Club and River’s Edge Study Club

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